Let us Begin

Starting a new blog is a little like starting a new sketchbook.  There is an odd reluctance to make the first mark, to draw the first line or commit the first thoughts to words.  There is pressure, or perhaps desire, for it to be perfect; to be an effective front page that sets the tone of what is to follow.  And each one is a promise.  A promise that this first impression will be followed by more, will build to create something substantial.

This first post marks the beginning of the biggest undertaking of my life so far: a PhD.  This blog is intended as a record of that project, but also as a place where I can gather and try to articulate my thoughts as the research progresses.  It is likely, especially in the beginning, to have more questions than answers.  It may well contradict itself as I attempt to unpick the theory that informs my postings.  It may take a long time to get to the point.  It will be substantial but it will not be perfect.

So let us begin…

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